design + visual communication for the arts
from rosynaylor @platformarttalk

Where Form Meets Function

The key design principles of proportion, unity, repetition and rhythm are often represented in my compositions, but design for the web is never purely about form. Its always form with an awareness of function.



Asymetry and balance sit side by side




I like the analogy of a website as a time-based artwork, constructed much in the same way as a musical composition might be with a beginning, middle and end, its often at the root of my design decisions.

Rosy Naylor comes to design from a fine art route, studying Master of Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Art and Visual Art & Music at Brighton University.

She works with Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Edge Animate to create her designs and illustrations.





the visual emphasis
each composition requires an interruption or an element of surprise
to keep the eye engaged