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Rosy Naylor setup platform designs to provide creative, imaginative design for the arts sector. Her wide experience in the arts as a designer, project manager, and arts marketeer, guides her design choices resulting in finely tuned bespoke sites.


Responsive design
HTML5 or wordpress sites
Search engine optimisation
Social network integration
Tracker-free websites
Mailchimp newsletters
Print, logo design and brand development
Navigational apps
Webhosting and domain registration




A collaborative approach to design
An intersection of ideas




Time is built into each design project to gain an understanding of the work or new business being promoted so that a considered and thoughtful design can be created.

Individually designed promotional sites or Wordpress self-managed shops or galleries can be created. All new commissions use responsive design to enable the site to be viewed as perfectly on mobile, tablet or desktop, and are designed with the principles of search engine optimisation in mind. Options are available for full integration with social media or for totally tracker-free websites that provide users with the privacy some clients wish for, either option is possible.

Rosy's designs break away from the mould of formulaic design with unique hand crafted bespoke websites that capture the work being shown.


Working with me.
About the process.
Research. Concept. Execution.


At the beginning of any new project an overall timescale is discussed. Should a specific deadline date be required the new client will inform Platform Designs of this, otherwise the project will likely take around 3-6 months depending on the size of the site, and complexity involved, allowing for careful consideration by both parties as the project develops. In special circumstances requests can be made for sites to be created more quickly, dependent on the current work flow, please enquire for more information.

Upon the point of paying a deposit payment the project commences, with the client supplying Platform Designs with the necessary artwork, photography of their work, and written material, required to create the initial design style for the site. The project then proceeds to draft design stage, and finalised design, the client providing their feedback and input at all stages during the design process.

Clients can choose to register domains separately or Platform Designs can do so on their behalf with the client having full ownership. Hosting can also be added to any registered domain. Most often website hosting and domain renewal becomes part of the annual maintenance along with site updating.

Even though Rosy and I work remotely, and haven’t met she seems able to really get underneath what I want and deliver a site in the style and format that suits my work and gives it a slight twist to somehow enhance it and make it even more mine.

Working in partnership with Rosy, my services and what I could do began to emerge more clearly as she worked on the format of the site. The whole process was really powerful for me and without it I don’t feel that I would have designed my services in this way. This has enabled me to present myself really differently which is beyond exciting.

Gael Sellwood, Paint Nature and
Botanical and Natural History artist

some detail

Platform Designs uses all material it receives from its clients for the sole purpose of design whether that be a website or the creation of other marketing materials promoting their work, no artwork is ever retained for any other use, shared, or copied. The client's logos, artwork, graphics and photographs provided remain the copyright of the client.

Platform Designs is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and has Professional Liability and Indemnity insurance.

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